Reinventing Property Ownership for the Modern Home Owner. Killer Prices. Modern Experience. Insurance with a Purpose.

Mansion Groups services are built to re-invent how we live and the role property ownership can play in building a better life for all. Mansion Insurance coverage for example not only protects your property including building(s) & contents, but we've also built it for owners who may choose to rent their properties short-term on sites like AirBnB, VRBO, and more...covering you for business income losses and commercial liability. Something many don't realize the big guys don't cover. Mansion Property Services is a division focused on making your life better including services like cleaning, pool services, and more...or services like massages, personal chefs, etc. All built on the Mansion technology platform to deliver the experience of living in a Mansion with the efficiency the average owner desires.



Built from the ground-up for the modern property owner. A technology-first insurance product and platform that delivers killer prices, intuitive customer experiences, and the coverage you need. Don't get stuck with an insurance company from the 1900's, Mansion Insurance is built for todays generation.


A collection of properties around the globe that showcase the focus of Mansion. Great locations, features that wow, amazing technology, and a friendly, seamless experience. Mansion properties represent unique, luxury experiences in cities from Los Angeles to London...all bookable on AirBnB.



Managing a property like a Mansion is a lot of work. We aim to help property owners in maintaining their property, while also providing services to generate new revenues or just ways to better enjoy your home. Cleaning services, lawn care, and pool maintenance to massages, personal chefs, and yoga instructors.