What is Mansion Executive Membership?

Mansion began the executive membership club as a way to bring luxury, convenience and technology to the transportation space. Vehicle ownership has traditionally been an expensive, yet highly under utilized investment in our members lives. When thinking through the “why” own, it was around the convenience of being in control of the ride and the guarantee of the quality. We think that Mansion Vehicle Collection can evolve to provide solutions to both of those challenges, with the added benefit of the MansionTouch. For a price per hour close to the same cost as owning a vehicle, yet only paying for the hours you use it, makes sense for members who desire the independence of vehicle ownership but drive less than 400 hours a year.


Mansion Optio Membership

Optio Membership is our top-tier membership providing you the most credits and access to our best member services including all vehicles in the vehicle collection, overnight stays where required for Mansion Team Members, and much more.

Mansion pria membership

Our Pria membership is our mid-level membership that includes 100 credits and access to our Sprinter Van for transportation and some special members only discounts on vacation rentals.

mansion centuria membership

Our Centuria membership provides solely access to our Sprinter vehicles and 50 credits.